REFERENCES (specific names and addresses available upon request)

I’ve been in Law Enforcement for 34 years and a Private investigator for 10 years, Investigator John McLean is the go to guy for Digital forensics as well as security and investigative consulting. I’ve used John and consulted with him on various cases. He is the ultimate professional. TQ (Contact Name and Number Available)

I have known JJ McLean and have worked with him and his Digital Forensic Business on many occasions and cases over the years. During this time, he has provided a highest level of integrity, quality and competent services to my company EJ (Contact Name and Number Available)

I have had the privilege of being mentored by JJ when I began my digital forensic career a decade ago.  I worked side by side with him for 7 years.  He is a wealth of knowledge and has seen (and investigated) it all during his career.  I have been to digital forensic trainings all over the country and there is always at least one person who knows JJ.  He is extremely trustworthy, resourceful, ethical and driven.  JJ is a true pioneer in the digital forensic industry.  If the answer is out there, JJ will find it and make the connection. TM (Contact Name and Number Available)

JJ has always been a very detailed investigator. I will refer clients for their computer forensics need to him without reservation. BL (Contact Name and Number Available)

J.J. McLean is the consummate technical investigator who with his extensive experience in all levels and types of cyber crime, finds successful solutions on every case he encounters. I have known J.J. McLean since 1993, where he introduced me to advance investigative cyber technical techniques, that at the time were state of the art. His intrepid forays into digital investigations and their formidable challenges over the yeas, has yielded incredible results. He has paved the way for many law enforcement organizations to install and crate cyber crime programs in their departments. His proven ability to maintain the most current proficiency in a wide array of software and hardware systems and technologies makes him a much sought after investigator. JM (Contact Name and Number Available)